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December 13

“Christmas, Bah!” said Scrooge. “Humbug!”
~Charles Dickens 

Do you know a Christmas Curmudgeon? You know, the person who doesn't like Christmas?
We do. And we've learned there is only one power strong enough to soften the hardened heart of a Christmas Curmudgeon... Love. 

Not just any kind of love but the special kind of love that says, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” and means it. The love that turns down the Christmas music when the Curmudgeon growls, “Christmas, Bah! Humbug!” 

Little by little this kind of love softens the hardened crust of the staunchest Curmudgeons. How do we know?  
Because we’ve seen the tears a Curmudgeon tried to blink away when we turned off the Christmas music and then brought them a warm baked cookie with a little kiss for their forehead. 

Who is the Christmas Curmudgeon I know, who could use some kindness? 

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The Tradition Explained

Candle Order for 2017

December 1 - 2 HOPE
December 3 - 9 PEACE
December 10 - 16 LOVE
December 17 - 23 JOY
December 24 & 25 LIGHT

What is the Advent Bag and Box Tradition?

It’s Magic. It’s simply magic. By taking a few minutes each day to stop, turn off all screens, and come together for a few quiet moments of connection and reflection the whole focus of the Christmas Holidays shifts. 

The Tradition provides a gentle structure that provides a moment of refuge from the rest of the world and puts us back in touch with what nourishes our hearts and souls. 

Yet it only takes a few minutes. 

We begin by lighting a candle for Hope.
Adding a new one each Sunday for Peace, Love, Joy and Light. See Candle Order above. 

Followed by an inspirational reading.
Our Daily Readings are non-religious and simply focus on the qualities of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy. You can use whatever readings fits your belief system.

Each person reflects briefly on what was read.
This is actually most people’s favorite part as this is where we connect on levels our daily lives don’t have room for. Our Daily Readings end with a question which helps everyone, especially little kids, focus their thoughts.

Pull an Activity Card from the Advent Bag or Box.
The Advent Bag and Box Tradition Book has good tips to help you keep the activities simple and realistic. This isn’t about adding stress, it’s about shifting our focus.

Close the moment.
This is done in many different ways. Favorites are: sharing a gratitude, singing a song, or saying a prayer if that is comfortable. Then we use a candle snuffer to put out the candles (it keeps wax from flying) as we say variations of, “Although I put out this candle for hope, we know the hope never goes out because we are the Hope,” for each candle that was lit.

As the month progresses, the five or ten minutes a day we spend coming together and focusing our awareness on kindness, secret giving, sharing, family fun and family connection, creates an oasis in the season that becomes everyone’s favorite part of Christmas. In fact for my children, Christmas is more about the Advent Tradition than the gifts under the tree. 

The Tradition adapts easily to all ages and stages of family whether you live alone, with a partner, with a houseful of kids, with several roommates, or are empty nesters. 

And best of all, it accommodates each person’s own spiritual or philosophical beliefs.

May your Holiday Season be filled with Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. 

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